I recently returned to working with Construct2, this time using it for mobile game development. I again chose to remake a classic game to experiment with mobile features such as the gyroscope, accelerometer, and web apps on iOS. This game, a remodel of Snake, uses the gyroscope as a method of control. GyroSnake is very much in the early stages of development, but most of the main game features, including the controls, are there. The game can be seen and played here

Arrested Development Valentine's Day Cards


Arrested Development Cards

This year I designed Arrested Development-themed valentines for my friends and family. I am pretty happy with how they turned out, and I think everyone who received one enjoyed it. Even my friends who aren't huge fans of the show got a kick out of the cards. I made 16 in total, and decided to share my creations with the internet because I know there are a lot of Arrested Development fans who can put them to good use. Also, I am very pumped for the long-awaited season four of Arrested Development, and I may make some new versions of these cards for next year. The complete set can be found here

Bubble Bobble Update!



Bubble Bobble

Last couple of days I got around to making some improvements to the Bubble Bobble HTML 5 Remake I have been working on. I was able to add music as well as sound effects and mostl importantly a button that turned them on/off. I also added a couple of levels since the last installment and cleaned up most of the bugs and pathing errors that I could find.

I still would like to add a few more features and possibly more levels, but I am pretty happy with how this little demo turned out overall, and more importantly I learned tons!

click here or the banner above to play the game, and I will continue to update this page when I make my next signifigant update.

Black Mesa


Black Mesa Screen

The original Half Life was released a bit before I was a full fledged PC gamer and despite greatly enjoying the sequel as well as the following episodes I never got around to playing the game that started it all. Because of this I was very interested in the Black Mesa project that has been in development for many years. Well the release date has finally come and I am extremely impressed in the quality of the game. The game looks and feels like an official Valve release, and it feels good to be back playing as my favorite silent crowbar wielding protagonist.More info about the game can be found at their website located a

Bubble Bobble



Bubble Bobble

Recently, I have been working on learning Construct 2 which is an HTML5 Game Maker made by Scirra. After a couple tutorials I was ready to make my first game on my own and I chose to recreate Bubble Bobble, one of my favorite NES games from my childhood. I picked Bubble Bobble because I wanted to work scripting and learn the game engine, as well as what HTML5 can handle.

To check out the game so far, click here to view my current progress. I will post any significant updates that I make to the game.

A quick game play video of the original NES Bubble Bobble that I am using as a guide is linked below.

Site Updated


I recently updated and reorganized my website. I have made a couple of changes, however it is still under a lot of construction. I will update this blog as often as possible with other projects or things that I am working on.

If you notice any problems with the site, have any questions, or wish to get in contact with me, please drop me an email at Thanks for stopping by.